Sunday Snog ~ Between Us by Wendi Zwaduk #SundaySnog


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I love a good cowboy story and I hope my novella in the Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats Antho, titled Between Us, fits the bill for you. Check out a white hot snog from my book. See what you think. I hope you like it. 🙂

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Featuring Between Us by Wendi Zwaduk


M/F, M/F/M, Menage, Anal Sex

Short Story


Sometimes coming home is the best way to heal a broken heart—especially with two ranch hands involved.

Channon Kennedy planned to come home, but she never expected to find herself in the arms of the two men she’s fantasized over since high school. Back then, Shaun and Brian didn’t seem interested. Now, she’s older, wiser and has nothing to lose. If the men of her dreams want her, who is she to resist?

Shaun Maple and Brian Powell have done everything together—work at the farm, live together and love the same woman. They’ve wanted Channon since they first laid eyes on her, but circumstances beyond their control kept the threesome apart. Times have changed and so have Shaun and Brian. They’re not taking no for an answer—they want her between them for good. Can the ranch hands convince her she’s the only woman for them or will the relationship implode before it gets a chance to grow?

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Now for that snog!

©Copyright Wendi Zwaduk 2016, All Rights Reserved

She didn’t want them with another woman. She had no claim on them, but still.

“We’re alone,” Shaun said.

“Really?” she blurted.

Brian sighed. “How about we have a nice dinner tonight and get things sorted out? Yes?”

She shrugged, unsure of what else to do. “I’d like that.”

“Good.” Brian climbed behind the wheel of the mail truck. “I’ll be back in an hour.” He drove off, leaving her alone with Shaun.

Channon turned her attention to Shaun. “Okay. Spill. What’s going on here?”

“Nothing that I know of.” Shaun leaned on the fence. “We want to treat you right tonight.”

“Because?” God. Being with Jack had made her quick to question every nice thing in her life. She needed to shake that bad habit and fast.

“Just because.” Shaun shrugged and tipped his head. “We want to.”

“You two never do anything because. Your wanting to always has a proviso.” Her lack of trust in almost everyone was showing more than she wanted.

“We’re doing it because we want to.” Shaun smiled. “You deserve a nice night.”

For a split second she could’ve sworn he said because we want you, but she knew better. Still, she didn’t trust them. “Oh, well. Thank you.”

“We want you.” Shaun grinned and tugged her into his arms. “Have for a while.” He kissed her hard on the lips, then let go of her and strolled to the tractor.

Channon stared at him in stunned silence. She trusted her hearing this time. He’d said they wanted her. Really? She hoped it was real, but her second-guessing came back to haunt her. She hadn’t heard him incorrectly, but she doubted they’d want her for long.

Shaun glanced back at her and grinned, then climbed into the tractor.

Channon grabbed the fencepost for support. She wasn’t about to try to figure Shaun or Brian out. She knew better. She’d tried before and only ended up with a broken heart. She needed to move forward with her life and focus on the future. She had a farm and three horses to take care of, and no time to worry about how her farm hands made her body sizzle.

She forced herself away from the fence and headed back to the barn. She tossed the mail onto the storage box just inside the building. When she’d left Jack in Cleveland, she’d cleaned the shit out of her life. She picked up the shovel and strode to the first stall. Not the glamorous life, but she loved being back on the farm and close to Brian and Shaun.


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