In a Book? Really? Random Thoughts

Yeah, that’s a slightly odd title for a post, but I had a long car ride and well, those things give you lots of time to think. I can get myself into trouble when I’m just thinking, but hey…a little trouble is good.

I’d just read a book where the characters literally met for the first time and within an hour were getting horizontal. Now I know this happens. Duh, one night stands. Love at first sight. Hell, I love writing it.

But they KNEW they were destined to be together because it was LOVE. Now I can sorta buy into the love at first sight. I can even kind of buy into the fated mates business. I’ve written stories with fated mates. The thing is, I’ve tried to go with fated, but with a fail-safe. What if they fall in love, but then fall out of love? Do they HAVE to stay together? In my books, no. But hey…

So back to the storyline I read… I have a hard time buying into it when the very first sex the couple has is spectacular and they KNOW it’s forever. Why do I have a hard time with this? Probably because I’ve had sex. GASP. I know, crazy. Anyway, the first time I did it, it wasn’t the stuff of romance novels. It was awkward at times, a little klutzy, and well, the first time. I don’t get how the first time for the characters, especially a virginal woman who is 32 or a gay-for-you man can not possibly be klutzy.

Before you get all cranky on me, I know. This is romance. It’s supposed to be fantastic sex. Just sayin’…

Another thing. Fated mates. Now, I can go for the mates thing. It’s sexy to think there’s this guy/girl out there who is uber sexy and totally waiting for the heroine/hero. It’s very cool. But there’s the human factor. What if after a while she’s not that in to him? What if he dies? Is she stuck for all of time? Come on.

Again, I know. This is romance. Things will happen. I guess I’m saying and maybe I’m guilty of this, call me out if I am, but don’t paint the hero/heroine into a corner on page five. Give them an out. Okay, so they are fated, but give them the option that just because fate says they are, doesn’t mean love agrees or something like that. And the first time, someone can really clunk teeth, or roll off a bed. It happens. Trust me. I know.

Those are two of my reading pet peeves. What are yours? What really drives you up the wall or makes you want to throw the ereader? Let me know.



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