Thursday Thirteen with Megan Slayer

I thought for today I’d do something a little different and yet similar to others. A Thursday Thirteen post. Thirteen things you might not know about Megan Slayer. Here we go:

13: I can’t tie a cherry stem with my teeth. Okay, I’ve never actually tried, but for some reason it doesn’t really interest me. Sad, I know.

12: I love a good red wine and beer makes me turn up my nose. Yes, I am picky.

11: I have a college degree in Fine Art.

10:  I am scared to death of needles.

9:  I love history, especially the Civil War era, but I doubt I’d ever write a book set in that time period because it’s been done—a lot.

8: I am not a morning person. Get me up before 9 am unless it’s to get the youngling to school and I’ll probably bite your head clean off. Conversely, if I do have to get up, I’m up for the morning. I can’t go back and nap. Dang it.

7: I hate laundry. My wish is for a washing/drying machine that not only washes and dries the clothes, but also folds and puts it away. I’m still waiting.

6: Yes, I still have a blankie. It’s not currently in use as it’s falling apart, but I have it still.

5: I might be short of stature, but as my best friend, Kealie and I proclaim: We are fun-sized.

4: I have a big dog and a little dog…and now a huge dog. I wanted the German Sheppard. The youngling wanted a wiener dog. We now have three dogs. None are the Sheppard but that’s okay.

3: I wanted to be a beautician when I was a kid. I wanted to cut, style and color hair. To this day, I still cut/color my own hair. Can’t find anyone I trust to do it for me. Sad.

2: I can’t drive a stick shift. Don’t know that I want to learn. Meh.

1: I live in oHIo but I’ve never been to the Horseshoe down in Columbus. You’d think almost all Buckeyes would go there at one time. I haven’t made the trip. Yet. And yes, oHIo isn’t a typo. Buckeyes want the rest of the world to say HI to oHIo and come for a visit. Cheesy, but catchy.

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