You Can’t Do That!

Édouard-Henri Avril [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Authors, like artists and musicians have boundaries. Most won’t readily admit to them, but they do. Yes, there are those who are trying to push said boundaries, but they all have things they just won’t do. I love characters that push the limits but there are some things I just won’t write about.

I have a dear friend who said once, write what you are good at and sure, try new things, but know what you’re good at so you can exploit it. As much as I like to step out of my comfort zone, there are some steps I won’t take.

I give all the credit in the world to those authors who can write hardcore bdsm. I love to read it, but even when I’ve pushed my characters to try to go harder, they just aren’t right for it. Is that bad? Honestly, no. I’ve read plenty of hot stories where someone used a flogger or a whip. It was hot and the characters were into it. Great. My characters? Somehow they have an aversion to being hit. Spanked, yes, whipped… not so much.

Part of it has to do with me personally. I can read about it and get it, but I can’t comprehend being the one being whipped. I’m a wimp. I don’t like being hurt. Like I said, I can ‘get’ the fetish, but can’t write it in a way I feel does the action justice.

I’m okay with that.

Another thing I can’t seem to write is two girls. The boys have asked me to write them a story where there is more than one woman participating. Two separate ménages? Sure. A foursome with three guys? Absolutely. A foursome where the two women are pleasuring each other? Not gonna happen. I have nothing against two women pleasuring each other, it just doesn’t interest me. Shrug. I have to really buy into the relationship of the characters and that sort of relationship in a story is hot but not for me.

Now before you want to string me from the highest yardarm, think about it this way. I write what excites and interests me. You read what excites and interests you. It’s great. It’s variety. It works. What you like might not be what I like, but we both might enjoy reading the same kind of story. That’s what makes the world go round—all of us having and doing what we like. So check out my work. You might just like it. I’ll check out yours or your suggestions. I might just find a great new to me author. I can’t wait.


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