Sunday Snog ~ Simply the Best by @WendiZwaduk


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Do you like kisses? Love reading books with kisses in them? So do I. Part of the group of books I got back from one of my publishers that closed was Simply the Best. I couldn’t let it languish in the folder and not come back out to play. So… I self-published it.

Now it’s back out there for you to enjoy. Here’s a snippet and a wicked hot kiss!

Simply the Best by Wendi ZwadukSimply the Best NEW Cover 1

Scarred Hearts, #3

Publisher: Megan Slayer Publications

Product Description: 

A chance meeting leading to a lasting love?

Sam Rhodes swore he had his life sorted out. He loves his job at the Gates Mills Police Department and his dating life—all the guys he wants as long as he keeps things quiet. But a chance meeting at the library has him rethinking everything he knows. Can this seasoned officer accept what he never knew he wanted, especially if the love of his life could be a woman?

Emma Haeferle’s plans for the day included shelving books at the Gates Mills library, hanging out with her friend and avoiding the leering glances from her boss. When she locks gazes with the handsome bald man across the second floor of the library, all bets are off. She longs to wrap herself in his muscle-bound arms, but can a chance encounter really be simply the best?

Anything is possible when you only accept the best.

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How about that kiss? Here you go!!

“You’re too good to be true.” She opened the driver’s side door. “I don’t know whether to believe you or go with my gut.”

A test? Let her test him. He’d do whatever she needed to feel safe. “What does your gut say?”

“You’ve probably got at least one person on the side and this isn’t going to last.”

Shit. “I don’t have anyone on the side.” He rested his forehead on hers. “Let me take you out. Tomorrow or Saturday? I’m off this week and next so whenever you want, I’m yours.”

“My brother’s racing over at the speedway in Lindale tomorrow. I’m sure we can get into the pits.” She half-laughed. “Wow. What an ice breaker. Come to the race and meet my family.  Just forget—”

“Perfect.” Sam kissed her again, stopping her protest. “I’ll pick you up and we can rock that speedway.” He’d wait as long as she asked. “I’d like to meet your family.”

“Now I know you’re full of it.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. Emma swiped her tongue along his bottom lip. When she backed away, blush spread across her cheeks. “How about we end this night right here?”

“You got it. Good night, sweetheart.” Sam closed her car door and watched her drive away. A piece of his heart went with her. His phone buzzed in his pocket. A new text. He gritted his teeth. With no family around, the only people texting him were from the police force. He bit back a smile. Quinton Reynolds. The only man he’d risk losing Emma over.

Checking up on you during your vacation. The beat isn’t the same without you. Call if you need anything.

Yeah, he needed something, but he refused to ask Quint. Not yet at least. He wanted to see where things were going with Emma before he even considered introducing anyone else into the mix.

Sam stared into the blackness of the sky. One of these days he’d figure himself out—who he wanted, what he needed and how to make everything work.

One day.


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