Getting Sucked In…

I’m a sucker for learning. Show me a television program, documentary or movie where I can learn something new that piques my interest… I’m there.

I could watch thigns like Ken Burns’ The Civil War and Jazz all day long. The human stories and the music, especially in Jazz, work for my writing. I love the music. I’ve always had a thing for Benny Goodman–maybe it’s the tall, dark and handsome vibe he’s got going… or that he played the clarinet. But I love to listen to the music and learn new facts. It’s a trip for me to then listen to the radio on the 40s/Jazz channel and recognize the tunes.

I think it’s also got something to do with feeling like I’m closer to my grandparents. Swing and Jazz are their music. I’m pretty sure they weren’t as multicultural as could be and I bet they missed out on some great tunes because they just weren’t exposed to some of it. But still. I don’t know my grandparents well. My grandmother has dementia and Alzheimer’s so sometimes she’ll tell stories and she doesn’t know who she’s talking to. Most of her stories take place during WWII. Fascinating stuff, though. The victory garden she grew, going roller skating and having to ration food. This isn’t stuff I know about–the closest I came to any of that was when I was a kid and we had to be on WIC because my father had been laid off again. So it fascinates me.

Then there’s my grandfather. He’s a WWII vet, but you won’t get him to talk about it. Nope. He even participated in a story for the paper, but turned his back on the situation. I can’t imagine what he saw over there in Europe or what he went through.

So listening to music like Jazz and Swing makes me feel somewhat closer to them.

But you see, this is just one of the things I get sucked into. Documentaries are a favorite, but then there are the movies with a message, like The Normal Heart. It’s rather depressing, but I could watch that movie all day. Okay, I’ll admit… Matt Bomer’s naked tush is worth the repeated views, but it’s the human aspect of the movie. Good grief… it’s another case of I can’t imagine what they went through. I can’t imagine seeing my friends die while I may or may not.

Speaking of tough situations, shows like Snapped and true crime programs… I’m a sucker for those, too. I really hope I never go through those kinds of situations, but I like to watch. Oh and around Christmas, but usually not during December I love to watch the cheeseball Christmas movies on Hallmark and Ion (yeah… figure that one out… November and I’m watching Christmas movies). I want romance. I want the happy ending with only a few sticky points. I want something in the midst of the chaos of the holidays to make sense.

See? I’m not all into doom and gloom. I can hear a friend of mine saying That’s so not you! You like loud and crashing and smashing.

Hey, when you get sucked in… you get sucked in. Even better when there’s hot tunes or an even hotter tush involved.


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