Saturday Spankings ~ Bases Loaded by Megan Slayer #SatSpanks


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I wrote a series of books at Club Desire. I’ve still got at least one more to go, but that character isn’t talking to me as much as I’d like. Until then, enjoy this Saturday Spanking snippet from Bases Loaded, the baseball story in this series. I love my sports heroes, especially when they’re flawed. Plus there’s some yummy male-on-male-on-male action.

Bases Loaded by Megan Slayer 1463766

Club Desire Series, Book Two

M/M, Anal Sex, M/M/M, Menage, Double Penetration, Toys, Spanking, BDSM, Voyeurism


Resplendence Publishing

Get your rocks off however you want at Club Desire. We’re not easy and we’re not free, but we are discreet. Find your fantasy in the Club.


Mix one lanky shortstop with two brawny Doms and what do you get? A white hot good time.

On the baseball field, shortstop Rocke Houseman commands the crowd. They cheer as he makes plays and hits home runs. He loves his job in professional sports, but there’s something missing. He wants to be true to himself. When he tears up his knees during a critical play, his whole life is thrown into chaos. He turns to the one place he knows to find balance—Club Desire.

Carson and Jeremiah are a packaged deal. You deal with one, you deal with both. When the gutsy sub comes into Desire and wants a Dom, they step in to help him out. Rocke fits their bill—he’s athletic and lanky, but knows how to take direction. Can they help him work out his issues one ménage at a time? Or will the passion exploding amongst them be the final out?

An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller!

Available here:–bases-loaded-club-desire-series-book-two-by-megan-slayer.html


AllRomance Ebooks:

Now for that Spanking!

©Megan Slayer 2014

“How many swats?” Carson smoothed his fingers through Rocke’s hair. “At least four. Make it hurt. Make him remember us.”

“Yes, sirs. Thank you, sirs.” Rocke braced for the impact. Instead of giving him the four spankings right away, Jeremiah drew them out. Three hard swats on Rocke’s ass then drawing circles with the soft end of the crop. The soothing helped. Rocke opened his mouth, awaiting a dick between his lips.

“Not yet.” Carson stuck his thumb in Rocke’s mouth. “You are ready to suck, though, aren’t you?”

Rocke attempted to nod. At the same time, Jeremiah delivered the fourth spanking. He put raw power into the blow. The pain in Rocke’s body quickly shifted to pleasure. His knees weakened, and he shivered.

“I think our boy wants us.” Carson’s hands rested on top of Rocke’s. “I want him.”

“Me, too,” Jeremiah said.

The cuffs were loosened. Carson took one side and Jeremiah, the other. They helped him to the bed. Most Doms would’ve expected him to get across the room on his own, but with the blindfold, they needed to use the leash. They turned him around.

“Sit,” Carson commanded.

Rocke did as told. He opened his mouth again, expecting a dick at any moment. Carson didn’t disappoint him.

“You’re so eager.”


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