Racing Quotes of the Week ~ Atlanta

Racing Quotes of the Week

It’s hard to watch a race when halfway through, you’re bored. I hate to admit it, but at least two of the races this weekend failed to keep my attention. Now, I can hear you saying, then you’re not a real race fan. That could be debated. I’m not wild about the same driver going wire to wire. Let someone else lead a little and keep things interesting. Just my two cents.

That said, there were a couple of quotes that stood out and I couldn’t let them go by without more notice.

“Just stringin’ it out.” 

Sounds like someone’s got their junk out and taking it for a walk.

“When we get our hands around all this stuff, we’ll have a chance.”

Hmmm. Is this the stuff you’re out dragging? Maybe you should consider a career in adult films.

“All gonna be dictated by what happens up front.”

Well, duh. The guy with the strung out trying to get his hands around it should probably set the tone so someone doesn’t get hurt.

“He just likes it hard on everyone.”

I’m going there…since he’s got junk to spare and he’s hanging it out up front, then yeah, he’s happy to make it hard on everyone. He gets the most out of it that way.

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