Saturday Spanking ~ Trust and Consent by Megan Slayer #SatSpanks


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If you haven’t checked out the other spankings, you should. These are some smoking hot excerpts. I love ’em.

This week I decided to feature my Love Romances Cafe Runner Up in the Kink/BDSM category book, Trust and Consent. This is the story of two guys coming together and learning about their kinks in a safe environment. This isn’t a typical dungeon pairing. This is college exploration at it’s kinkiest. Check it out!

First, here’s the spanking and it’s Chase’s first time. He’s scared, but ready. Are you?

“You’re hot for me?” Raylan smoothed his palm along the gentle curve of Chase’s ass. “I like it.” To punctuate his words, he swatted Chase. The spanking left a red handprint behind.

“Wow.” Chase turned his head and mashed the side of his face into the blanket. “That felt like fireworks on my skin, then in my belly.”

“Nice.” Raylan opened the nightstand and retrieved the condoms and lube. He wasn’t ready to fuck Chase, but he wanted the stuff in range when the time came. “You’re so sexy.” He gathered Chase’s wrists together then wrapped the second necktie around them, binding his wrists at his lower back. “Strong, but delicate. So exposed.”

Like that? I did. It got rather hot in here. Want to know more about the book? Check it out below!

Trust and Consent


Art by Taria A Reed

Trust Book 1

By Megan Slayer

Available from Liquid Silver Books

M/M, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Shibari, BDSM, Rope Play


A photographer and a musician find love in a blissful, tangled way…
Raylan Greene never expected the guy next to him in American History class to be so hot. Then again, he wasn’t looking for a relationship either. But this photographer knows a good subject when he sees one. The blond-haired guy with the sad eyes captivates him. The trouble is Raylan’s into rope bondage and he needs that special someone to be his partner. A tall order, indeed.

Chase Tate can’t take his eyes off Raylan. When they’re together, even if only in class, the words and tunes to songs fill his brain. He’s found his muse—if only he can grab Raylan’s attention. He’s scared his past and the secrets he’s kept buried will drive Raylan away.

Will Raylan be able to accept Chase despite the issues in his past? Will Chase run once he finds out about Raylan’s fetish? Or will these two scorch the sheets and find a love to last a lifetime?

Available at:

Liquid Silver Books: 

AllRomance Ebooks:



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