Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ The Big Game Edition!!


The big game came and went. Some thought it was great. Others not so much. I’m not sure which version of the Panthers showed up, at least for the offense. They stunk. And award-winning Cam was a sham. Then again, Peyton, the play maker was not. The defense for both teams were the real stars.  

But since I can’t wax poetic about the defense, let’s hit last week’s funnies.

Here are the Honorable Mentions. I love them.

“It’s talented, fast and deep.”

That’s even on his business card.

“So much penetration.”

Because he’s talented, fast and deep. He’s popular.

“Pushing through that little tiny opening.”

But that’s what they love about him. He knows how to work a hole.

“A wide, big hole.”

See? Now he’s got it sorted out. It was tiny and now…Woo hoo!


Now onto those Quotes of the Week. This is the final one until preseason next fall. Preseason cannot get here fast enough!

“Putting him on tight ends.”

Because he likes those tight ends! It’s his fetish.

“Can he handle the size, the speed, the strength…?”

Who knows, but we’re all ready to watch so we can see what he can do.

“In the slot on the left side.”

Because he’s already tunneled the one on the right!

“Able to prevent the big tight end from getting the first.”

Because he’s already taken care of the right side. He can focus on getting that other tight end.


Now for the Doozy of the Week. Woooweee….

“Two guys inside.”

Because everyone likes a little double penetration.  

Thanks for reading and checking out my thoughts on the games. I love posting these and watching my favorite sport. Stay tuned for a few racing quotes of the week. You never know when those will show up!



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

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