Sunday Snog ~ Loving Leo by Megan Slayer


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Loving Leo just hit the bestseller list and rose on the list, too, so see what the excitement is about. These Lion shifters know a hot time when they see them. 🙂

Loving Leo Loving Leo

Book 5 in the Sanctuary Series

Paranormal, Contemporary

M/M, Anal Sex, Shifters, Lion Shifters

Resplendence Publishing


This lion’s ready to claim what’s his on the day made for lovers.

Figuring out what Valentine’s Day isn’t easy, especially for lion shifters. Until coming to Sanctuary, Leo had never heard of the holiday, but he’s not about to let the special day go by without taking notice. He knows his heart and it belongs to Axl. He’ll do what it takes to get Axl’s attention, but will Axl share his feelings?

Axl is the brute of the group and has no need for Valentine’s Day. He’s tough and takes what he wants—including Leo. He doesn’t need a holiday to dictate his actions. That is until Leo bares his soul and his needs. Will Leo’s honesty be enough for Axl to come to terms with his feelings? Anything can happen on Valentine’s Day.

Available here:–loving-leo-sanctuary-book-five-by-megan-slayer.html

Now for that snog!!

“There’s nothing wrong with me or with me wanting to change.” Leo cocked his head to the side. “It’s no big deal.”

“My lion likes you as you are.” Axl touched Leo’s hair. “The cat wants you.”

“But do you want me?” Leo’s eyebrows rose. “Or just the cat?”

Axl’s frustration bubbled over. Yes, he wanted Leo. All of him desired the shifter, but he couldn’t say those words aloud.

He couldn’t be mad at Leo. Axl’s inability to discuss his feelings wasn’t Leo’s fault. Instead, Axl went with his instincts. He pinned Leo against the door and kissed him. The moment his lips touched Leo’s, his world righted on its axis. He belonged with Leo, and everything settled when they were together. Leo was his best friend, and Axl couldn’t see life, especially at the Sanctuary, without him. Could they be more than just fuck buddies and best friends? If he worked up the nerve to be honest with Leo, maybe, they’d have a chance to take their relationship to the next level. Leo was his man.

Axl nudged his knee between Leo’s legs and rubbed against Leo’s hip. He slid his palm over Leo’s chest until he located his lover’s nipple. When Leo groaned, Axl pinched the sensitive bead of skin.

Leo broke the kiss long enough to drape his arms around Axl’s neck. He rested his forehead against Axl’s. “I just want to be different. I’m not an alpha. I’m… I don’t know what my role is in the pride, but I know I’m not happy just existing. Maybe, I’m crazy. The crazy omega? I don’t know.”

Leo could be commanding when he tried. He wasn’t an omega or an alpha, but the pride didn’t need a bunch of leaders. It needed all types, and Axl needed him.

“You’re not crazy,” Axl said. “Let me show you.” He kissed his lover again then dropped to his knees. He glanced up into Leo’s eyes as he popped the button on Leo’s pants. When he’d unzipped Leo’s pants, Leo’s cock eased free of the denim. No underwear. Nice. Axl rubbed his face along the length of Leo’s shaft. Axl’s lion rumbled within him.

Fuck yeah. He engulfed Leo’s dick with his mouth, his brain buzzed. Power radiated through his body as he bobbed his head. With each groan, he knew he was giving Leo pleasure. Leo threaded his fingers in Axl’s hair and tugged. Damn. Another signal he was making Leo happy. He took Leo’s cock to the back of his
throat and groaned.

Axl felt free and happy, just as he always did when he was with Leo,. His lion enjoyed the play between them. The big cat settled, completely content. Axl buried his nose in Leo’s pubic hair and swallowed.

“Shit.” Leo tugged harder on Axl’s hair. “Axl.” He rammed his cock into Axl’s mouth. “Fucking balls. You do this to me.”


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