Sexy Saturday Snippet ~Catching Cary by Megan Slayer

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I thought for this week’s Saturday Snippet, I’d share something from one of Megan’s MM stories in the Zero, Ohio series, Catching Cary. This was a fun series to write and one of these days I’ll get back to them. Grin. Enjoy this sexy snippet!

Zero, Ohio1411643

Catching Cary

by Megan Slayer

Sometimes giving into fate gets you to the place you most want to be.

Cary Hazard walked away from his life as the front man for the band, Cascadia, to embrace a quieter existence in Zero. With no celebrities and no one wanting things from him, he’s happy. He’s also lonely. He wants to find that one special person to warm his nights and love him—tattoos and all. Will he or end up alone again or will the hunk at the Eight Ball bar be his saving grace?

Layne Stevens has a past he’s not proud of.  He’s looking for redemption, but not in the hands of a former star. If he can stay in the shadows, he’s happy, but lonely. The man singing at the bar has his full attention. He wants to wrap himself up in the guy’s strong arms. Will he be able to open up and offer his heart or will the truth destroy everything he holds dear? It’s a matter of catching Cary.


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Now for that Sexy Snippet. Seven Lines of Heat!!

“I’ve thought about you all day.” Layne rubbed Cary’s groin, rocking their cocks together despite the fabric between them. Fire lit in his eyes. He nibbled on Cary’s bottom lip. Heat from his touch seared Cary to the core.

“What else are you going to do?” Cary whispered.

“Suck you dry.” Layne gripped the hem of his shirt and shoved his hands beneath the cotton. “Black is so fucking hot on you.” While raking his fingernails down Cary’s belly, he scraped his teeth over Cary’s throat.

Whew! I could use a cool drink! Enjoy 🙂


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