Sexy Saturday Snippet ~

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I’m going to try a new feature on the blog. Sexy Snippet Saturday. For my 1937687first seven line snippet, I’m featuring my short story, Sweet in His Arms. It’s a departure for me. Sweet romance. I know, I know. I’m an erotic romance author. But this was a fun departure. It’s also featured in the Romancing the Sweet Side Anthology. All of the profits from this anthology go to the One Way Farm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check it out!

Now here are those seven lines:

The moment Ryan’s lips touched Gage’s, sparks shot through Gage’s system. His thoughts frayed and every nerve ending buzzed. He’d waited for this moment for so long.

Gage eased his fingers from his belt loops and wound his arms around Ryan’s strong body. Having Ryan against him was so sweet. Like they were meant to be together. He allowed Ryan to push the kiss deeper and to swallow his moan. Sweet Jesus, yes.

Yum? I thought so. Grab a copy of the anthology and help kids who could use the love. Thank you.


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