Stocking Stuffer ~ Mistletoe Kisses by Cara Lake

Today’s feature is Mistletoe Kisses by Cara Lake. Check out the book!

MistletoeKisses_MSR [874723]


Izzy shares one perfect, toe-curling kiss at a Halloween office party with a work colleague disguised as Frankenstein, and now she wants more. The problem is, she doesn’t know who he is. As Christmas approaches, she hatches a plan to find him, which involves kissing every unattached male coworker under the office mistletoe. This could be her last shot at discovering the identity of her mysterious Prince Frankenstein. Too bad she’s going to have to kiss a lot of frogs first.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult contemporary holiday romance from Ellora’s Cave

And now for an excerpt:

I looked into his eyes. They were dark but then the room was pitch black so I couldn’t tell what color they really were. What I could see was fire. His eyes burned into me with an intensity I’d never experienced before. No man had ever looked at me like that. But then, he wasn’t a man—he was a monster. Those penetrating eyes sat beneath heavy brows ridged in a permanent frown. Slick dark hair was pasted flat against a square forehead in sharp contrast to the almost florescent green of his skin.

For some reason I couldn’t help focusing on the handful of stitched scars around his mouth and wondering what his black lips would taste like. They were full and lush, promising a sensual experience that I realized with shock I wasn’t averse to sampling. As I pondered my sudden weird attraction to the monster who had grabbed me and was now holding me prisoner, I found I couldn’t blame alcohol consumption for my predicament. I had only drunk half a glass of champagne, having spent most of the night dancing, only leaving the dance floor to avoid the unwanted attentions of a vampire.

The monster had me pinned up against the wall inside the stockroom-slash-photocopy room on the fifth floor. I should have been uncomfortable but I wasn’t. His long hard body was pressed up against mine and I got the impression that beneath the black long-sleeved shirt and pants was a solid muscular frame that would make Mr. Atlas proud. His hands were currently palm flat against the wall by my shoulders while mine were clenched into fists by my side. I let my fingers uncurl and slowly brought my hands up to his chest, the urge to touch was just too strong.

Something hard twitched against my belly and my eyes widened when my own arousal echoed his and warm liquid pooled between my thighs. My monster jerked in response, his neck twitched, causing the metal bolts on each side to wobble. I gulped. He swallowed.

I had to speak to break the tension. “So, Frankenstein, are you stalking me?”

One large green hand cupped my cheek and he nodded. My skin tingled beneath his palm and a bolt of electricity shot right through me.

“You know my name isn’t really Frankenstein,” he said, his voice a deep baritone that stroked across my skin like dark molasses. My stomach clenched and I felt that spark of electrical friction again as his hand continued to stroke my cheek. His touch was featherlight. “I’m the monster. Doctor Frankenstein was the creator of the monster, who was never given a name, but I’ll let you call me Frankie.”

“Are you giving me lesson in English gothic literature?” I smiled up at the painted green face. There was something endearing about the way he was staring at me as if he had never seen anything so beautiful. I could almost feel myself glowing under his steady gaze.


About the Author:

Cara Lake has always loved fantasy, romance, adventure and all things mythical and magical.
Her urban fantasy world is populated with fantastical creatures, exotic landscapes and set in a universe on the verge of destruction. Cara loves creating sticky situations for her kickass heroines to enjoy passionate encounters with hot, alpha males. The universe of her first book Calm Before the Storm is infinite and full of sexy soul mates on a collision course with fate and destiny. The second book in the series, Rage to Adore is coming January 13th 2016.

Cara enjoyed writing Mistletoe Kisses and has plans for other employees of the Fosters Ad Agency.


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