Stocking Stuffers ~ Spanish Christmas by Noa Xireau

The stocking stuffer story for today is Spanish Christmas by my friend, Noa Xireau. Check it out!


When Stella accepted Armando Gonzalez’s invitation to spend her holidays at his hacienda in Spain, she expected the kinkiest Christmas ever and an opportunity to make him fall in love with her sexy curves. Nobody had warned her about Armando’s hot, yummy brothers, the possibility of receiving a few nice spankings, or the risk of losing her heart when she took the Gonzalez brothers up on their crazy bet.
With Armando, Ivan and Carlos making her melt in steaming need, it wasn’t Santa who’d make her naughtiest wishes come true on Three Kings Eve.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!
An adult contemporary romance from Ellora’s Cave

Categories: Adult RomanceContemporaryEbook

Tags: ChristmasMenage

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An Excerpt From: SPANISH CHRISTMAS post SX con amazon

Copyright © NOA XIREAU, 2015

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Spain! She was in Spain and she was alone! Stella dropped heavily down onto the king size bed. Upon her arrival at Seville airport, a chauffeur had been waiting for her with a message. Armando was in a business meeting in Madrid—he wouldn’t be back before tomorrow morning. She’d need to spend her first night on holiday alone, at that sucked! She looked around forlornly.

If Armando had been here, she’d have asked him if the bedroom decoration was the usual for Spain or if it was a typical Andalusian style. When she had imagined Armando’s hacienda, she had always pictured some kind of ranch but never the luxurious elegance she had found as soon as she crossed the threshold of the main building. She sighed at the romantic atmosphere. The artistically forged headboard in particular was lovely. Her fingers traced the cold steel. A shiver ran through her as she remembered Armando’s preference for tying her to the bed. This headboard would be perfect to keep her wrists bound with ropes, handcuffs, silken shawls… Enough! Don’t start again!

She needed to control her obsession for Armando. Through the weeks they’d been apart, she hadn’t stopped remembering how he’d seduced her that first morning in the office, right after her boss had presented her as his personal translator during his stay in the States. She kept thinking about how he’d made love to her each day, always taking his time, always in a different way. She couldn’t erase from her mind how he’d provoked and pushed her further than she’d ever thought possible.

Maybe that was the reason she ended up using the first excuse she’d found to escape. His intensity, the unbridled passion he awoke in her, had scared her. For him, she’d done crazy things, performed acts she’d never have considered, if not for him. And what was worse, she’d been anxious for more…to the point of not being able to think of anything else.

She’d masturbated for him in a public restroom as he’d watched through her phone’s cam, giving instructions on how he wanted her to do it. She’d attended a business meeting without underwear and had finished on the conference table completely naked as soon as the last client left, indifferent to the huge, glass walls overlooking Manhattan. He’d tied her to his bed until she’d begged him to fuck her. When had she, Stella Williams, ever asked a man to fuck her? He’d taught her the intricacies of anal sex, shown her the versatility of sex toys, had planted in her the curiosity of the forbidden, and he’d promised more…much, much more.


About Noa XireauNoa Xireau 2 (1)

Multi-published, award-winning romance author. Noa simply tells the stories of the people living in her mind. The reason all of these stories are full of erotic adventures, sexual fantasies and yummy males is still a mystery but she obviously isn’t responsible for that (or at least that’s what she says).

Her motto is “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”. Maybe that’s why she’s always off visiting other worlds, even if her home is in the beautiful south of Spain. But just don’t try to tell her that she isn’t a good girl as that’s about as risky as taking away her beloved chocolate or alpha heroes!

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