Dancing Together with Wendi Zwaduk – A Blissemas Snogs in the Snow Snog!


It’s time for the Blissemas Snogs in the Snow!! I’m featuring Dancing Together. Want to win a prize pack from me, featuring a handmade bracelet, a handcuff necklace and signed swag? Then be sure to read through the snog and comment to enter to win. Leave your name, email and your favorite Christmas song. Easy!

Now about that snog!!

Dancing Together is my Christmas novella from Ellora’s Cave.

What happens in Vegas at Christmas stays in Vegas… DancingTogether-B

Jordy Murphy isn’t the warm, fuzzy family type. Instead of getting together with all the newly minted couples in his family, he is in the center of sin, decadence and sex for the holidays. He craves the lights, the Christmas glitter and dancing with sexy women when he spots the one woman he hoped to see, but never expected to be there—Ally.

Allyson Benson wants Jordy Murphy in her stocking for Christmas. No other present will do, so she’s pulling out all the stops to show him a sexy time. Will their relationship extinguish faster than Christmas candles or do they have the passion to last throughout the season?

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Now for that Snog:

“Ally?” Jordan curled his fingers under her chin. “What are you doing here?” He swiped his thumb across her chin, then wrapped his arm around her. He led her to the edge of the room to the balcony. The music wasn’t quite as loud, but the night air chilled her to the bone. “Sorry. I suck at sounding casual. I just didn’t expect to see you.”

He shrugged out of his suit coat and draped the garment around her shoulders. “I knew you talked about coming out here, but I never thought you’d show up. I figured you were trying to get me out of town so you could have a good time with your boyfriend.”

She could come up with a lame excuse and explain the nonexistent boyfriend away, but why? She hated lying—especially to him. “I didn’t want to be alone for the holidays.” She averted her gaze. “I wanted to see you and wish you a merry Christmas. Surprise?” She couldn’t face him. Tears threatened behind her eyes. The scent of him on his coat enveloped her. She felt safe in his clothes, but hardly safe at the moment. He’d told her he wanted to keep things casual. Getting together for Christmas in a destination situation was the exact opposite.

“Hey. I’m sorry.” She shrugged out of the coat. “I don’t want to ruin your chances with the gorgeous women here.” She draped the garment over his arm and inched away from him. “See you.”

So went the story of her life. She was good enough when Jordy wanted to kiss or make out, but not the relationship type. At least she’d finally figured out when to cut her losses. But why did his kiss have to be so damn addictive? Why did she want him? Because he wasn’t completely interested in her?

“Don’t leave.” Jordan snagged her in his arms. He licked his bottom lip, then mashed his mouth down on hers. He’d given her barely a second to think about what was happening before he made his move and she loved his decision. She’d locked lips with him plenty of times, but the rush was different this time.

When he broke the connection, she wobbled into him.

“We should dance.” He draped the coat back around her shoulders. “Inside or out?”

“Wait.” She placed both hands on his chest and fought back a moan. The man was all hard muscle under his dress shirt. She was nuts to be pushing him away, but she needed to be sure he wanted her. “You don’t have to entertain me. Don’t feel pressured. Find one of the hotties in there.”

The predatory look returned to his eyes. He held her closer and whispered in her ear. “No one’s pressuring me. Merry Christmas, babe. Let’s heat up the holidays so much it burns.”


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