Out Now ~ Silk and Decadence by Wendi Zwaduk

Over the Knee Anthology 3fe95-overtheknee_800

Features ‘Silk and Decadence’ by Wendi Zwaduk


M/F, Spanking, BDSM

Features Characters from the story, Honey and Decadence


There is always fun in the club, but taking the fun outside and into life might be exactly what’s needed for a lifetime of passion.

Sadie has never claimed to be a good girl. She loves to be at Push, a local dance and BDSM club, but she longs for more—especially with Master E. The blond-haired man with the sparkling brown eyes is everything she wants in a Dom. Too bad he’s also her boss at Delight Tonight. When they finally get together, their chemistry in the club is off the charts. Will that same passion translate into the real world or are they destined to crash and burn?silkanddecadence_800

Elias likes his no-strings life, but once he plays with his mystery woman he rethinks his choice. She responds to him and his spankings like no other, making him want to break his rules. He longs to reveal his identity to her, but the risks could outweigh the reward. Will the relationship survive outside the club?

He’s about to find out just how decadent a little complication, complete with silk and spankings, can be.

Available at: https://www.totallybound.com/book/over-the-knee



©Wendi Zwaduk, 2015, All Rights Reserved

“You sought me out?” He kissed her neck again. “That pleases me.” He slid his hand along the crack of her ass. “Very much so.” He smacked her butt, and the sound resonated in the room.

Her pussy creamed. She shivered. “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?” Deep within her body, she warmed and came alive. She parted her lips. “Sir.”

“Good girl.” He spanked her again, three times on each ass cheek. Her skin burned. “You crave my hand on your ass, don’t you?”

“I do, Sir. I want more.” She’d been pushy. She arched her back, offering up her butt to him. “Please?”

“You’ll get more, bad girl. But not yet.” He stepped away from her, his footfalls heavy on the tile floor. “I have something for you.”

“Oh?” She tried to see what he was doing. She hadn’t imagined him using anything but his hands on her.

“Uh-huh,” he replied. He stepped up behind her. “Something I believe you’ll enjoy.” He smoothed something over her butt. The item glided over her hot skin. What is it? Leather? A paddle? She braced herself on the cross and awaited his next move.

“You’ve been so bad. Very bad.” He trailed his fingers over her ass cheek. “But I don’t think this is much of a punishment.”

Excitement radiated through her. God, what was he going to do? “Thank you, Sir,” she said before he’d even done anything.

“Slow down.”

The more he touched her with the smooth object, she realized what he held. She couldn’t see the details or tell the material, but she knew he’d selected a paddle. Her cunt warmed even more and cream coated her pussy lips.

“Bad girls need punished.” He brought the paddle down on her rear end. Soft for the first two spanks, then hard. The change in pressure shocked her and the pain quickly radiated through her body. She whimpered and pulled at the silk bindings, but didn’t utter her safeword. A shiver wracked her body again.

“So good,” she murmured. “So very good.” She offered up her ass, wanting more from his magical paddle. “Thank you, Sir. More.”


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