Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Week 12


Someone up there surely loves me. The Bengals got the lead sorted out and managed to pull off a win this week. We’re 9-2. Not shabby. I’m certainly not complaining.

Since I’m in a great mood after the great record, here are the Honorable Mentions:

“Threw a bullet in a tight window.”

Because he’s that good!

“They don’t have big receivers.”

Yeah, but do they need them, especially when what they’ve got is so good..

“Small receivers in the box.”

Hey, but they’re good. Can’t knock ’em.

“If you gave him time to survey the field, he’d find someone.”

But for what? Grin.

“They don’t have a true blocking tight end.”

Do they need one? Maybe that’s their defense, taking on everyone!

“They’ll swing it out early.”

Pre-planning. Just sayin’.

And now for that Doozy of the Week. What people will say…

“Good hands to make that snatch.”

Better to have to have good hands than sloppy ones. 

Thanks for reading and checking out my thoughts on the games. I’ve got release news and cover art to post this week, so stay tuned!!



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

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