#OutNow Rainbow Over Cedarwood by @MeganSlayer #mm #singlefather #gay #romance

Rainbow Over Cedarwood by Megan Slayer MS_RainbowoverCedarwood

Single Father Society, book 3

Loose Id Publishing


M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation


The moment Ashley gave up looking for the right man, fate showed up in the form of restaurateur, Colt Harrison. Sexy never looked this good.

Ashley Willis didn’t think he was interested in joining the dating pool…that is until he catches a look at Colt. The sexy diner owner makes him hot all over and has him thinking all sorts of dirty thoughts. But Ashley has to worry about more than his sex drive—he’s a single dad. What goes on in his life affects his son. Will Ashley play it safe or find the love he deserves with Colt?

Colt’s been happily single for the last few years. He likes his complications to stay at the diner. Then he meets Ashley. The geeky art teacher is everything he’s dreamed of having in his bed. Will the fact that Ashley’s a single father be the deal-breaker or will the naysayers in Cedarwood break up this couple before they get a chance to find love?

Available from Loose Id:  http://www.loose-id.com/single-father-society-3-rainbow-over-cedarwood.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rainbow-Cedarwood-Single-Father-Society-ebook/dp/B0153VEC4A/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1441802479&sr=1-1&keywords=Rainbow+Over+Cedarwood

AllRomance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-rainbowovercedarwood-1885645-149.html


©MeganSlayer, 2015, All Rights Reserved

“You’re gonna put that whole thing in your mouth?”

Colt stopped short. Who had said that? And what thing were they referring to?

“Yes, I am,” a small voice replied.

“You’ll choke on that. Slow down.”

Colt blushed. Dear God. This conversation was happening at the diner? He located the speakers and sighed. A guy and a kid…who were with Colin and Farin’s clan. Whew. “Gentlemen.” He grabbed a chair and turned it around, then sat at the end of the table. “Isn’t this one heck of a boys’ night out?” He put up one hand. “Sorry, Genie. Girls too.”

“We just had the support group meeting and thought we’d stop here to get a bite to eat.” Colin wiped his mouth with his napkin. “You know Jordan and Steve and the kids. This is Ashley Willis and his son, Wyatt.”

Colt nodded. He’d met everyone but the man beside him. “Ashley, I’m Colton, but everyone calls me Colt.” He stuck out his hand. Ashley wasn’t physically what he wanted in a guy—black hair cut short on the sides and a little longer on top, pale greenish-blue eyes, and that smile. Even in his simple button-down shirt and dress slacks, the guy looked so well put together, but Colt liked his guys rugged and blond. Then there was his voice. He focused on Ashley. He’d seen the man before, but where? In the diner? Around town? Huh. He wasn’t sure.

“Hi,” Ashley said. He shook hands with Colt. “We’ve been in here a few times but never with this big of a group.” His ears were tinged red, and he glanced down.

“No problem.” Colt let go of Ashley’s hand but wished he didn’t have to stop touching him. Maybe he was crazy, but he could’ve sworn there were sparks. Something deep in his gut tickled, and his tongue felt sixteen sizes too big for his mouth.

“Dad, I want to go home.” Wyatt squirmed in his seat. “I’m tired.”

The little boy didn’t look a thing like Ashley. Was he adopted? Why did that matter? Colt wasn’t sure. He’d never considered himself a kid person and tried to steer clear of dating people with children. So much for the attraction.

“Finish your hot dog, but eat it in smaller bites.” Ashley blushed darker red. “I’m sure you don’t want anyone to choke here at the diner.”

“No, but we’re trained to help if it happens.” Colt gripped the back of the chair. “Take your time.” Because he certainly wanted to. In his head, he said he wasn’t going to try for someone with a kid, but Ashley made him reconsider his rule against kids.

“Thanks.” Ashley rapped his knuckles on the table and turned his attention to Wyatt. “If you’re going to fall asleep at the table, then get moving.”

“Sorry, sir.” Wyatt munched on the remainder of his fries. He glanced over at Colt, then at his father.

“I’ll leave you to your dinner. Enjoy.” He had to leave the table. If he lingered much longer, his friends would wonder about him. He knew Colin and Farin well enough, but it wasn’t like they were all best friends. He was supposed to be a businessman, not fawning over a hot guy at the diner. Remember your job here, Colt.


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