Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Preseason Week 3 (a little late…)


The Bengals didn’t look so hot during the second week of preseason. It was like they showed up in name only. But this past week against the Bears, they seemed to be back to top form. My Andy Dalton got hurt, but AJ McCarron stepped up nicely. I wasn’t convinced when they drafted him and he managed to get hurt last year. I could be swayed. Could be. We’ll see.

Here’s to a good final game and an awesome year. 

But first…we have the Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback Honorable Mentions because, in addition to the guy dropping the cake during the Giants game, there were some funny comments made. 

“Done a nice job out of the slot.”

I’d hope so, but I’d really hope he’d do better in the slot–whichever slot he chooses.

“Getting on–body on a body”

Hmm… Usually there’s some sort of body on body during getting it on periods. Unless it’s self play. Grin.

“The rookie there to try to stuff it”

Besides the missing “is” in that sentence, they’ve decided to let the rookie come up and take control. Nice. Kind of.

“Nice strip.”

Only if Matt Bomer is involved and I can watch. 🙂

Phew… Okay. Mentioned Matt Bomer (not a football player) and got a little flustered. :::Fanning self:::

Now onto those quotes for the week. I wish I could post the clip of the cake slip, but I can’t. It’s definitely a whoopsie for the week. Instead, here are the quotes of the week:

“Gotta stick that foot in the ground and get vertical.”

All it takes is sticking a foot in the ground? Oh, you mean getting better grip and a good angle. Gotcha.

“Can see it pretty clear as big as that thing is.”

Uh… Hmmm. This was in regards to a player, but you can insert your own ideas for what that thing is. 

“Short-armed it.”

Because long-arming it would’ve broken him or her. 

“Allow your power to propel you.”

Tips for drilling. You heard it here first.

“Put your head down and drive in there.”

Drilling tips, part two.

“All I wanted was a breast and a leg.”

How about the rest of the woman, too? Pickiness isn’t next to godliness. 

“Can’t get it in there.”

Is it too big? Too small? She’s too big? Too small? Or is he? Details please.

Okay, so that last one was bad. It was. But it’s nothing compared to the Doozy of the Week. No matter how you slice it, this one was just… wow.

“Wasn’t gonna miss that hole.”

No, he wasn’t. He’s one of those who needs to sample every hole, every time.

Of course it meant getting a run up the middle, but still. It sounds awful.

I hope you enjoyed the quotes. I love finding them. Here’s to a great football season and fun for all.

Happy Reading!



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

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