Come When Called by Piper Trace

Come when Called by Piper Trace

Billionaire Ford Hawthorne is cool sexuality and dominance, his best friend, biker Charley Baker, is warm muscles and affection, and Evie is the lucky girl in the middle…

Ford is a bad boy with dimples that make women want to take their clothes off, but he has a secret desire he’s never allowed himself to act on–his fantasies of domination and control.

Unlimited, unquestioning sexual pleasure at his beck and call.

Big, scruffy, and handsome as sin, biker Charley Baker is two hundred pounds of sunshine, muscle and sex appeal. Charley has a secret of his own…he’s in love with his best friend, Ford. But Charley knows what Ford really wants, and it’s not him.

Evie is a paralegal working for Ford’s attorney, and unbeknownst to Ford, she’s caught in a situation that could have a deadly outcome. A late-night, impulsive romp at the law firm with Ford has far-reaching consequences, setting into motion a chain of events that will lead Ford, Charley and Evie through the twists and turns of a sexual journey that none of them saw coming. A sexual journey that knows no bounds–in ecstasy, in heartbreak and in danger.

Come When Called is a contemporary, light-BDSM, ménage, erotic, MMF romance serial that is currently COMPLETE at seven episodes. There is danger, graphic sex of all kinds, intrigue, sex on demand, male/male sex acts, bondage, paddling, heartbreak, a few laughs and a little knife-throwing.

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Piper Trace, 2012 recipient of a Rising Star Award from Ellora’s Cave, tried to write mainstream fiction, but her characters kept getting naked and using naughty words. Really naughty words. But these lusty characters were so much damn fun to hang out with that she gave up trying to control them.

Piper discovered early on that she hated to be stereotyped, and since then she’s been rebelling against everything nice, smart girls are supposed to do. She was a high-school harlot and valedictorian; she worked in a strip club while attending a top college on an honors scholarship; she was a roller-derby queen and a mom; and finally, she’s a lawyer by day and a professional author of sizzling erotic romance by night.

Piper feels comfortable with one foot in the trailer and one in the boardroom. She wants woman to be as proud of their boobs as they are their brains. Boobs and brains…in that magical combination lies the power to rule the world.

Piper would love to tell you all about her writing accolades, but she’s pretty sure that, like her, you’re a reader who flipped through your mom’s paperback romances for the words “breasts” or “throbbing” so you could just read the good stuff. Well you found it.

So pour yourself a beer or a glass of wine (Piper loves all kinds) and sit back. We’re gonna have some fun.

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