Cat Style – a new Stray Cats novella from Megan Slayer

Stray Cats and an Excerpt!

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Cat Style (Stray Cats, bk 2) by Megan Slayer  Image

BIN:  06761-02176

Word Count: 10K

Page Count: 37

Genres: Erotic Romance, Novella, Paranormal

Themes: Shapehifters, Magic


He’s got cat style, but does he have what it takes to win her heart?

Penelope went to the witch’s house to look at the cats, not bring one home. The moment she spotted the tiny fur baby with huge green eyes, she lost her heart. But Hildegard’s cats aren’t all they seem. One skeptical owner plus one affectionate shifter equals love cat-style — but will love prevail over the evil threatening to kill her furry best friend?

Available here:

And a Hot Excerpt!


She knew that sound. “Fang! It’s Halloween. How in the name of God did you get out? I had you in the bedroom so you wouldn’t get loose.” She scooped the cat into her arms and flipped…

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