Music is the Soundtrack to live… and books, with Wendi Zwaduk

Kate's Cravings

One more night_LG1Music is the Soundtrack to Life… and Books!
To celebrate the 1Night Stand books, we’re all gathering ‘round with cool blogs about our books. Mine from the line is called One More Night. Got that Phil Collins song stuck in your head? What about the Maroon5 one? Yeah, I did, too. Both songs. But it’s funny. Both songs actually played a role in the book.
First, let me thank Kate Richards for letting me blog here today. I love Miss Kate. A couple years ago, she and Miss Valerie Mann were both at the Lori Foster event in Cincinnati and I had the opportunity to pitch One More Night to them. Talk about scary. I had no idea what they’d think or they’d like it. But they were awesome and listened to me ramble. In the end, they asked me to sub the story, I did and with a few…

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