Running Hot by Megan Slayer (with Excerpt!)

A hot excerpt from Running Hot, book 2 in the Track Domination Series!

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And now for book 2 – because I like to do things backwards!


Running Hot by Megan Slayer Image

Track Domination, Book 2

Resplendence Publishing

M/M, Anal Sex, Contemporary, BDSM, Toys, Spanking–running-hot-track-domination-series-book-two-by-megan-slayer.html

All work and white-hot play makes this boss very, very happy.


Collin Marshall, owner of Flash Racing hadn’t planned on jumping back into the dating pool. He’s been burned one too many times by guys only wanting his money and relative fame. But even the boss gets the blues and there’s one man he’d like to get to know a whole lot better–Sam Richmond.


Sam Richmond loves his job at Flash. Chief mechanic for both truck teams is a sweet job. Having Collin as eye candy? Even better. When a shipment of parts derails the team’s finishes at Iowa, it’s up to Sam to work with Collin to find…

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