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MS_SoulDebt_PaidinFull_large (1)I am doubly excited to have Megan Slayer here today because not only am I a big fan; I now have a book in the same series as hers! This week she’s going to tell us about her Soul Debt book Paid in Full, which is now available from Changeling Press.

Tell us a little about your latest release.

Soul Debt: Paid in Full is my latest release. It’s part of the fantastic Flash Fiction line, Soul Debt. I had
to write it because the characters wouldn’t let me alone. I’m glad I did. Nicky needed redemption and Antonio… he’s based on a friend who just begged for a story! I’m glad I made his day.

What’s it about? Nicky makes a sexual pact with the Devil. Yep, THE Devil. He gets a boyfriend who loves him in return for sexual payment. There are a few snags and it’s up…

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