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Romantic Imperative

I want to welcome Megan Slayer to Muse Wednesday.  Megan has taken a slightly different approach to Muse Wednesday today, and shows how her Muse led her in a direction she normally wouldn’t take.  The result is her m/m story, Believe.


Believe in the Muse

Thanks to Moni for having me here today. I got to stop by a few weeks ago as my alter ego, Wendi Zwaduk. I write as Megan Slayer, too. Yes, I have to be different.  I thought I’d talk about my short story, Believe.

I love stories that have a second chance element to them. There’s nothing more exciting to me than seeing two people who have had issues find a way to work things out. Believe is one of those stories. The two main characters have a strong relationship, but even the strong ones have moments of crisis. It’s how they deal…

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