Hanging out with Farmers and Monette Michaels! Check it out!!

Romantic Imperative

I want to welcome Wendi Zwaduk to Muse Wednesday. I met Wendi as a pre-pubbed author at Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get-Together. Wendi pitched to me (I was representing my publisher at the conference), and her energy won me over. She sent me something and I made comments and then she subbed. Now, she is a published author and if I had even a small part in making that happen, I am thrilled.


k5197-3I want to thank Moni for having me here today. I love talking about the Muse and how she gets my stories rolling. Plus hanging out with Moni is always fun!

When I sat down to write Somewhere I Belong, I knew I wanted to write about farmers. Seems like a sort of boring thing to write about, doesn’t it? Not ranchers, not guys with lots of horses, but farmers. Why? I grew up on…

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