White Hot Excerpt and Fun Short ~ Love of My Life!

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Since I’ve been celebrating Smut in the City week all week, I thought I’d share my Sunday Snog from my short in the Smut in the City anthology! Mine’s called Love of My Life. Want a copy of Smut? Get yours at Amazon or ARe. And keep watching, I’ve got more smut coming up this week with Viva Jones and a little bit about my story, too!!

Now here’s my snog!!

“I’m untying you and removing the blindfold, but you’re still in my command.” She turned him around and worked the knot on the silk. “Mine.”

Torin stood still while she removed the blindfold. He blinked. His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat. “I do belong to you.”

“Help me out of these pesky clothes.”

Torin eased the hem of her shirt up over her head. “May I kiss you?”

“I hope so.” She stared up into his…

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